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A New PSP Game Releases This Week


A New PSP Game Releases This Week

So the PSP isn’t dead yet. This thing might live for a decade, who knows? Streetkix: Freestyle is releasing this week on the PSP and Vita alongside PS3 games Tiny Brains and Twisted Lands: Shadow Town and the PS4 port of Don’t Starve. They will appear on PSN on January 7th. Streetkix: Freestyle however looks to be the most interesting one by default as it is the first game to officially extend the PSP’s life into 2014. It also is the only one we haven’t seen before. Tiny Brains is on PSN right now for the PS4, Twisted Lands: Shadow Town is available for Android and Don’t Starve made waves on Steam last year.

It comes from Brazilian developer Illusive Interactive Graphics who were inspired by games like Bust-a-Groove. This is the developers first project outside of mobile devices, so it will be interesting to see how everything plays out. Streetkix: Freestyle will retail for $11.99.

The Drop: New Playstation Releases for January 7th, 2014 [Playstation]

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