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Monster Monpiece is Coming West [Update]


Monster Monpiece is Coming West [Update]

A while back I listed out the games I really wanted Idea Factory to start bringing stateside. I put Monster Monpiece in the “Most Likely to Be Localized” category because I believe the battle system had something unique enough to bring over. Lucky for me, it will be brought over. The game is a collectible card game mixed with tower defense strategy mechanics. You build a deck full of fighters and proceed to use them to attack and defend in a 3×7 grid.

It works well because your deck has the ability to level up. I’ve included the trailer above to showcase exactly how that leveling system occurs. For those at work, I caution you that it gets a bit risque. Because of this, Idea Factory had to address the issue by informing us that they “have made the decision to cut several Monster Girl images from the North American and European versions of Monster Monpiece. This decision was made solely due to the intense sexual nature of Monster Girl card images. We’d like to emphasize that the gameplay, game system, and storyline are still fully intact.”

I know some purists are going to be upset by this fact, but it is pretty obvious that this would occur to get the game over here. The system still looks interesting and I can’t wait to try it out in the Spring.

[Update: Here is the first English reveal trailer for Monster Monpiece]

Introducing Vita’s New Card-Battling JRPG: Monster Monpiece (IGN)

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