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Midnight City Announces Newest Batch Of Indie Launches


Midnight City Announces Newest Batch Of Indie Launches

Relatively new indie publisher, Midnight City, has announced three new games for their next batch of releases. Krautscape and Double Dragon: Neon will be releasing on Steam. Krautscape is a generative racer that gives players the option of driving or gliding down the track on wings. The racetrack is generated based on the lead car’s movements; turning right makes the track go to the right and going left makes the track turn left. Double Dragon: Neon is a reboot of the Double Dragon series and released on consoles in 2012. The third game is Slender: The Arrival and it will be making its debut on Xbox 360 and PS3. Developer Blue Isle Studios plans to release the new console content as an update to the PC and Steam versions following the console release.

All three titles are planned to launch in the first quarter of 2014, each listed at $9.99.

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