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Japan’s First PS4 Commercial Airs


Japan’s First PS4 Commercial Airs

Japan will finally be joining the rest of the world on February 22. It was surprising to some that the PlayStation 4 would be arriving in Japan after releasing everywhere else. Since Sony has such a grip over the Japanese market it was only logical for them to push their limited supply west and hold off on releasing it home.

The ad from BBH features the PS4 releasing in major cities around the world such as New York, Sydney, London, and Paris. From setting up stages for launch parties to following consumers waiting in line, the ad has everything you’d expect from a launch day event. BBH also made sure to include customers holding their PS4s above their heads. It’s also great to see Joey Chiu in the ad, though Sony unfortunately cut him doing the infamous “Banderas reaction”. The only thing the ad is missing really is footage of customers clawing at their PS4 box. The ad closes with “Japan” and their PS4 release date “2.22”.

Compiling the launch day footage taken at the various locales into a launch commercial is clever and enough to get anyone whose territory hasn’t received the PS4 yet pumped. It’s also great to look back at the successful launch as well.

Via: IGN
Source: PlayStation Japan

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