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Inazuma Eleven to Bring Moe Football to North America


Inazuma Eleven to Bring Moe Football to North America

UPDATE: False alarm, people. The initial post on the release schedule has since been removed.

Where’s the fun in having a regular football game? No, I don’t mean American football with the tackling and the tight pants, I mean football as in what is referred to in North America as soccer. For a few years now, Japan has taken the sport and turned it topsy turvy with your standard anime-esque mayhem with aliens, wild and unnaturally colored hair, and extraordinary abilities like summoning a tidal wave to block a goal combined with standard JRPG elements; that is Inazuma Eleven, a handheld series on the Nintendo DS and now 3DS from Level 5 Games. The series has been met with positive feedback around the world, but the games have never been localized for the United States, most likely due to soccer being one of the country’s least popular sports. However, Inazuma Eleven will finally be making its North American debut this year.

Nintendo’s recently updated release calender uploaded publicly on their official site contains many of the games they have recently announced over the last new Nintendo Direct presentations including one Inazuma Eleven title, set for release on the Nintendo 3DS. Currently, it is unknown which exact entry will be localized, but there is speculation that it will be Inazuma Eleven 1-2-3, the 3DS rerelease of the first 3 original DS games, which has not been released outside of Japan. In my opinion, the games do look pretty sweet, although I’ve never played one before. We’ll be sure to let you know when more information comes around, so long as that entry in the release calender was not a mistake. For a closer look at what Inazuma Eleven is all about, you can check out this gameplay of a match from the Wii Strikers version of the game:


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