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Humanizing the Video Games Industry – Gaming Happens


Humanizing the Video Games Industry – Gaming Happens

You know what I think video games need more of? Humans. It sounds weird, but bear with me though. There are so many people that are involved in creating these wonderful pieces of art that we enjoy every day and yet we only know how to name the absolutely popular. Even then, that list is tiny. Where are the stories highlighting personal reasons for something that’s in a game? I feel like we only get that these days with indie titles.

I think we should start paying more attention to the people behind games, humanizing them, and that way we’ll enhance the medium further. That, and it may help some of the more angry gamers to realize that we’re playing products people created. The reasons games are the way they are is because of them, and maybe we’d all respect that a little more if we knew more about these people. Enjoy this special midweek Gaming Happens to make up for being sick like a loser! I’ll see you on the regularly scheduled Friday for another episode! The article that inspired this episode can be found here, by the way.

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