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This Guy Documented His Life in Wario Ware for Four Years


This Guy Documented His Life in Wario Ware for Four Years

Games about creating and crafting are all the rage these days, with titles like Minecraft and Starbound leading the charge.  But you never hear anyone talking about games made to make games or doing anything great with that.  Well, Duncon Robson is just that type of guy.

Robson spent the last four years “documenting” interesting things that happened to him using games from WarioWare: DIY on the Nintendo DS.  Each five second game represented an interactive simulation of these events, ranging from finding a dollar on the street, to getting engaged, to even just trying to get to sleep.

He documented his project through videos on a site called “Microcartridge” where you can actually go and watch footage of every game he made.

Unfortunately, his project recently came to an abrupt halt when he lost his DS and the cartridge inside.  Instead of trying to wrap up the project or recreate the last couple of games he was working on, Robson decided that this was a good stopping point for his journey.

“This is the second DS and WarioWare DIY cartridge I’ve lost. Last time, when I left one on a plane, I remade a few of the games that were unfinished, unrecorded or not yet backed up to my Wii. I couldn’t face doing this again so, unless someone miraculously returns one of my missing handhelds, I’m done with this [blog].”

His journey is quite amazing and inspirational and I’d highly suggest checking out some of his games if you have the time.  In the mean time, Robson is going to continue making games on his own and getting involved with game jams.

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