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Gigantic Army Release Date Announced via Teaser Trailer


Gigantic Army Release Date Announced via Teaser Trailer

Just when you thought explosions couldn’t get any better, mechs were thrown into the mix. Nyu Media’s sidescrolling, 16-bit mech shooter Gigantic Army got a new teaser trailer today showcasing some of the chaotic gameplay and the release date of the game.

Gigantic Army is based in 21st century Earth, where humanity finds itself fighting an alien race called the Ramulons who want nothing more than to put an end to all of Earth’s space exploration. Eventually, the fight reaches the planet of Ramulon and it is up to you, a human piloting a mech, to put a stop to the mayhem. The mech will feature plenty of customization and will allow you to tweak your arsenal to best match your desired mode of destruction.

Gigantic Army is slated for release on Steam on February 5th for $5.99.

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