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FlatOut Creators’ Next Car Game Makes $1 Million via Steam Early Access


FlatOut Creators’ Next Car Game Makes $1 Million via Steam Early Access

I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about this early access business. After only one week, developer Bugbear Entertainment reeled in $1 million for their unfinished destruction derby themed racer. This “testing phase” of Next Car Game is available to gamers at $30 on Steam.

You may know Bugbear Entertainment from the popular FlatOut series. They are taking their experience in destructible racers and applying soft-body damage to create a physics-based game that looks like a lot of stupid fun. From the sound of things, the devs have been having a tough time getting this game out, after being denied by multiple publishers and failing to fund the project through Kickstarter. So it’s great that they’ve finally gotten it out to the public, but should we be paying $30 for an unfinished game? When is something really finished anyway?


As long as you know what you’re getting into when buying something through the Early Access platform, I think it’s great that devs can start pulling in some cash to help fund the full completion of the game. I personally wouldn’t pay for this, but $1 million in sales proves that many others will, without question. Now Bugbear can take the extra funds and time they need to continue updating the game until it’s ready for an official release.

That title is really bad though, is there an update for that?

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