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First Footage of SOCOM’s Spiritual Successor, H-Hour: World’s Elite


First Footage of SOCOM’s Spiritual Successor, H-Hour: World’s Elite

Creative Director of the original SOCOM games, David Sears and his company Special Operations Forces Studios had their Kickstarter project successfully funded in July of last year. Their goal is to bring that classic tactical, team-based, multiplayer style shooter to the gamers of today. It gets a little confusing though, once you start to dig into the stretch goals listed on the Kickstarter page. It appears as if they will only be completing a demo at the current stretch goal of $250,000, and that the full game won’t even be completed unless they hit $1.5 million.

H-Hour 1

So if the idea of another SOCOM gets you excited, you may want to rally up your buddies (along with the rest of the internet) to head over and toss some money at these developers. I never got into these games, personally, but I do like their philosophy on what is important to them in a tactical shooter:

“Because shooters don’t have to be about long cutscenes or pointless “wow” moments. They don’t need to involve sprinting around constrictive maps and magnetic bullets. They shouldn’t involve overly scripted AI behaviors that are exactly the same every time you play. Or driving a truck through Manhattan on a rail while the city explodes due to unknown causes. They shouldn’t be ranked by who has the biggest explosions and their greatest appeal shouldn’t be “everybody else is playing it.” No, really they should be about connecting on a human level with other players, honoring the contributions of our military colleagues through respect for authenticity, and bringing like-minded people together online to strategize, execute and win.”

Check out the pre-alpha footage below.



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