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Fallout: Lanius Team Hints at a New Series


Fallout: Lanius Team Hints at a New Series

Encryption Films and Dragocen Inc. announced yesterday that the fan film, Fallout: Lanius hit 500,000 views. Since the film’s initial release on YouTube in August, it has garnered consistent views worldwide without any promotion from major YouTube networks. The film was funded through crowdfunding in late 2012.

Thanks to the success of Fallout: Lanius, director Wade K. Savage has hinted at a possible new series in the future. “We think our fans will be very excited” says Savage “We have some interest from some major studios to make it a reality and we are currently shopping it around. It won’t be long until we lock something in”.

If you’d like to check out the original Fallout: Lanius film, you can do so below.


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