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Fable Trilogy is Confirmed


Fable Trilogy is Confirmed

Fable Anniversary is going to be dropping soon. How soon? February 7th.  A week before Valentine’s Day, you will have the opportunity to play the game that jump started Lionhead Studios.

What if you wanted to marathon through all of the games though? You’d probably have to get up and go to a store and buy yourself a copy, and that just seems like a lot of work. That’s where Microsoft has your back. Releasing alongside the remake high definition remake of Fable: The Lost Chapters will be a collected bundle of all three games. That’s right, Fable Anniversary, Fable II, and Fable III all in one nice neat package.

The description of Fable Trilogy does caution previous owners of the title:

“This bundle includes full Xbox 360 titles for Fable Anniversary, Fable II and Fable III. PLEASE NOTE: this bundle pack offers these games together at a discounted rate over individual purchases. The games in this bundle are available as individual downloads in the Xbox Games marketplace and are exactly the same. Be aware that it is possible to download the same game twice. If you already own one of these games there is no additional discount on this bundle, nor do you receive an additional copy of the game you already own.”

Now the only questions we are left wondering are on the pricing and availability of DLC packaged with this bundle. We’ll find out on February 7th.

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