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Ever Wanted to Play Final Fantasy VIII? Now You Can on the Cheap


Ever Wanted to Play Final Fantasy VIII? Now You Can on the Cheap

Thanks to the latest Square Enix sale, Final Fantasy VIII is now cheaper than ever. Released for the PC on Steam back in December of last year (though its original port to the PC was much further in the past – the year 2000),FFVIII has been previously praised in many respects, particularly with regards to its legendary romance between the main characters. The title is, unfortunately, often overshadowed by its little brother.

final fantasy 8 battle

Final Fantasy VIII can be, with the use of coupon code GFDJAN25 (GFDJAN25UK for those in the UK), purchased for a whopping $6 and the bang for the buck on this title goes pretty far. Featuring traditional turn-based RPG combat (which is making a comeback recently, thanks to highly-hyped titles like Bravely Default), FFVIII carries a gameplay length of well over the standard 40 hours.

Set on an unnamed world in a mostly-present-slightly-sci-fi setting, Final Fantasy VIII covers the tale of Squall Leonhart and his companions in a tale mostly character-driven. While the “big bad” isn’t exactly a fixed villain until later in the game, the title stays true to what makes the franchise great. Each character has their own problems to deal with, and the dynamics between the party members are fleshed out and immersive.

Add in a truly epic soundtrack composed by franchise fixture Nobuo Uematsu, this game often gets overshadowed by its little brother for no reason at all. Now’s the perfect time to check it out!

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