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Dota 2 Heropedia: Juggernaut


Dota 2 Heropedia: Juggernaut

Heropedia is a look at the many heroes of Dota 2. While the 100+ choices may seem daunting at first, I am here to guide your way through the massive list. Starting with  the “easiest” to learn heroes, this feature will focus on an individual’s abilities and general tactics.


"Nice mask they say..what mask?"

“Nice mask they say..what mask?”

When you are fed up playing support Lich for your team and you just want to slice some fools up, Juggernaut is your man. His blade thirsts for the tears of your enemies as he leaps between them at lightning fast speeds.

Blade Fury – Causes Juggernaut to spin his blade in a 250 radius for 5 seconds. Damage is calculated per second, and scales to 80/100/120/140 damage. This ability also provides Juggernaut with magic immunity, meaning he cannot be targeted or effected by a majority of spells while spinning.If you can pick up boots before your enemy, or you are laning with a hero with a slow ability, Blade Fury will pretty much guarantee you a kill in the early game.

Healing Ward – While seemingly useless compared to MAX DAMAGE carry build, Healing Ward gives you incredible pushing power and sustainability. A summoned Healing Ward can be controlled by the player. This skill allows you to heal everyone around you, including creeps for 25 seconds. If you find yourself not getting much farm, consider picking up this skill before Blade Dance. While the scaling 2%3%/4%/5% heal may not seem like much, Healing Ward can truly help turn the tide with its constant health refreshment.  When defending or pushing, Healing Ward will never hurt to have out and pumping.

Blade Dance – Juggernauts passive ability, Blade Dance gives a 15/20/25/35 % chance to cause each of your regular attacks to inflict double damage. This skill is one of the reasons why Juggernaut scales well into mid game. While some Carrys have to spend gold on items to give them a critical chance, Juggernaut gets the item for free. This allows players to spend their money on other items, like ones that increase their attack speed. Like most Carrys with critical chance passives, it is wise to pick up the ability later in the game, when you are hitting faster and hitting harder.

Omnislash – Juggernauts ultimate is in many ways similar to Lich’s ultimate. Omnislash makes Juggernaut leap toward the selected target with a damaging attack. After the initial strike, Jugg will leap 3/6/9 more times, randomly hitting each enemy or creep around the initial target. Like Lich’s ult, you want to make sure there are no creeps around when you use this ability. Unlike Lich’s ult, you can cast this on a lone hero. If cast alone, Juggernaut will leap to the single target each time, thus the enemy takes all of the damage. Pretty much a guaranteed kill if you catch someone out alone. Also, Juggernaut is invincible while leaping, making it a useful ability to save for team fights.



– Since Blade Fury grants magic immunity and does not block the usage of items, you can start your spin and use a Teleport Scroll as a get-out-of-jail-free card if you find yourself in a sticky situation. Almost all heroes do not have a stun that can go through magic immunity in early game, so its a surefire way to save your life.

– Juggernaut has a rather small mana pool. To help counter-act this, it is suggested to level up Blade Fury and Stats in the early game. Doing so will give you enough mana to cast both Blade Fury and Ominslash in a single fight. Having access to both spells during team fights in the early game is extremely helpful.

– As stated above, you can use other items while spinning during Blade Fury. This makes Phase Boots core on Juggernaut. While the attack speed from Power Treads is useful for your Blade Dance, Phase Boots allow you to boost your speed and gives you phase (phase allows the user to pass through creeps, freindly or foe) for a short duration. Unless the enemy hero you are spinning on also has Phase Boots, they will not be able to outrun your deadly spin.

– Items can also be used while Juggernaut is mid Omnislash. Items such as Mask of Madness could potentially make Omnislash even more deadly. Also, if you have enough attack speed, Juggernaut can use basic attacks while leaping with Ominslash. This allows you to add Orb effects to your ultimate, such as those granted by Sange & Yasha.

Aghanim’s Scepeter is worth noting. While not only providing useful stats, this scepter also buffs Juggernaut’s ultimate. Aghanims increase the number of leaps to a grand total of 12, and reduces the cooldown to 70 seconds. With 12 leaps, Juggernaut is granted invincibility for a decent length, allowing him to miss out on big team fight spells.

After a particularly bad game, or a losing streak, I find myself coming back to Juggernaut to have a stress free game. His damage output in early and mid game can easily help get your core items up fast, allowing him to snowball out of control. With a spell that grants magic immunity, a passive that grants critical strikes, ward that can heal, AND and ultimate that can tear a hero to shreds, Juggernaut is one of those rare heroes that does not really depend on what items he has, but how his skills are utilized.

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