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Didn’t Like How Mass Effect 3 Ended? Mass Effect: Vindication Is Here To Fix That


Didn’t Like How Mass Effect 3 Ended? Mass Effect: Vindication Is Here To Fix That

The ending to 2012’s Mass Effect 3 was, and still is, a hot topic for conversation. Some say it worked, some that the Bioware ‘Extended Cut’ DLC fixed their gripes, and still some that it absolutely blew. If you’re in the latter category (I know I am), Mass Effect Vindication is for you.

Mass Effect Vindication is a fan made revision to Mass Effect 3. The revision is the result of over a years work from Mass Effect fan Gerry Pugliese, who found himself wanting more out of the last entry in Commander Shepard’s Mass Effect trilogy. The project isn’t a patch, though Pugliese says it’s best read as such. Vindication instead comes packaged as a PDF file, full to the brim with improvements in the areas that ME3 fell short. Despite its size–a daunting 539 pages–ME3V is not a complete rewrite of the game. Pugliese bases his revision in the story ME3 presented, only fixing the things that just didn’t work.

“ME3, was the epic end to a beloved trilogy that was anything but epic.”

ME3V is part editorial, part exposition, part narrative, and part screenplay, mixed in with a bunch of concept art and a few flowcharts (for the endings),” Pugliese explains in the introduction to the document. He warns that players who haven’t experienced any game in the trilogy besides ME3 won’t find much in ME3V, but the experience will be rewarding for anyone whose followed Mass Effect since the first game.

If you found yourself disappointed in the final game of the Shepard trilogy, Mass Effect Vindication is right up your alley. You can find the full PDF for download here and can follow the progress of the revision and find trailers and more at the revision’s official twitter page.

[Source: @MassEffect3V]

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