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5 Reasons Why Console Gaming Is Awesome


5 Reasons Why Console Gaming Is Awesome

“Why not switch to PC?” is a phrase I found myself hearing quite often when I was discussing next-gen console purchases with people I know. In reality, I recognized the possibility of simply building a PC as opposed to buying a next-gen console. It would likely take longer to save up for, but when I looked at the benefits on paper, it seemed to be the better choice. Or was it?

Well, here I am a couple of days after Christmas playing Battlefield 4 on my shiny new PlayStation 4. After thinking about all of the arguments made from the PC side about switching over, I realized that the difference between the systems doesn’t always come down to the graphics/power aspects but rather the overall experience. Throwing out the word “experience” might be a bit of a cliché in this industry, but it definitely applies to the differences between gamers.

It doesn't have to be this way

It doesn’t have to be this way

Console gamers and PC gamers are constantly at odds on the internet. A lot of people will passive-aggressively post about how consoles are a waste of money for old technology or how PCs don’t feel right for gaming. In reality, we’re all enjoying the exact same activity – we’re just doing it a little differently. I would say that this relates a lot to the whole “Burritos vs Bowls” debate that has gone on here at the Twinfinite offices. No matter how much we claim one is better than the other, at the end of the day we’re all enjoying the same delicious assortment of meats, grains, and vegetables – just delivered in different forms.

I don’t typically feel the need to argue in favor of my own purchasing decisions, and neither should you or anyone else in the world. We all do what we want because we want to, none of us should feel the need to go on about our preferences on the internet. So why did I even bother to write this piece? Well, I think I just want to clear the air on some of the things that console gamers enjoy about console gaming. This is by no means representative of all console gamers, but I think a lot of the qualities listed below are a big part of the culture of console gaming as a whole and why a lot of us choose to continue playing on consoles even with the potential drawbacks.

Console gaming is nostalgic

Many a gamer, whether PC or otherwise has likely owned or played a console at some point in their life. For many of us it represents late nights, duking it out on Halo 2 trying to get that super jump just right.

Console gaming is easily accessible

A lot of people think about PC gaming as this behemoth that is better left alone. It can be intimidating to pay for a piece of hardware that is constantly evolving, particularly if one does not have adequate experience with such things. A console will always play its designated games, at the same quality, regardless of who is playing it on what particular unit; this is a comforting thought to a lot of people.

Consoles have exclusives

This is an obvious one that is often thrown to the side in these “arguments” that people have. Consoles have great exclusives, and the console market as a whole provides the fuel some companies need to make awesome cross-platform games. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Console gaming can be done from a couch

I cannot stress this one enough. I personally love being able to sit on my couch and play on my 52’ flat screen TV. The graphics may not be the absolute best they can be for the era of technology we’re in, but man is it awesome.

Multiplayer potential

One of the greatest things about console gaming is how easily you can play with other people that are at your house or chosen place of gaming. If someone is watching you play and wants to join in, they can grab a controller/Wiimote/start moving in front of the Kinect and join right in. This is probably the biggest selling point for families and other such consumers.

Everyone just getting along

Everyone just getting along

I have always been an advocate of gaming however you feel the happiest. That’s really how you should be doing everything in your life. But as a primarily console-oriented gamer, I simply ask of our PC brethren to consider our reasons for making our choices, and respect them. At the risk of sounding really sappy, I just want everyone to get along.

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