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Comic Kobo – A Digital Comic Artist’s Dream Come True on the 3DS


Comic Kobo – A Digital Comic Artist’s Dream Come True on the 3DS

From developer Collavier comes a new drawing app called Comic Kobo that allows you to create your own comics and manga on your Nintendo 3DS handheld system. Comic Kobo gives users the various tools to easily create their own comics and stories with layers, speech bubbles, coloring tools, sound effects, photo manipulation, and many other drawing tools to make your comic as you see fit. I would like to personally request someone create a romantic comic between me and a pizza pie once the app comes out.

Naturally, this ought to be a very nice little outlet for gamers, similar to the Art Academy SketchPad for the Wii U, to share content with each other. It’s an excellent utilization of the touch features on the Nintendo consoles to help stretch the limits of players’ creativity beyond your standard video game. Plus, there’s plenty of space to save your comics with up to 80 pages to draw on up to 80 saves. Comic Kobo will be released on the 3DS eShop in Japan on January 15th for 800 yen, which is roughly $7.70. The app will be coming stateside eventually at a currently undetermined date, but we’ll update you when the release date comes around. For now, start storyboarding that Andy & Pizza Love Story comic. I’ll seriously send you something nice if you do.

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