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Consoles No Longer Banned in China


Consoles No Longer Banned in China

A few months back I reported that China was planning on lifting its more than decade-long ban on videogame consoles. Well folks, now it’s official. At least temporarily.

For 14 years, all game consoles have been banned from sale and purchase in China. Yet in 2012, China saw an increase in videogame revenues, to the tune of nearly $14 billion. But companies like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are in for some stiff competition.

Without consoles, PC gaming has dominated roughly two-thirds of the market. The remaining third has been split between browser and mobile gaming. A whole generation has grown up without consoles, and the question is whether or not they’ll make the switch. Will consoles be able to carve out a place for themselves in the world’s third largest videogame market?

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