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Celebrate the Chinese New Year with this Dota 2 Update


Celebrate the Chinese New Year with this Dota 2 Update

Valve is further gaining the love of MOBA players. In honor of the Chinese New Year, the “Year of the Horse”, Valve has decide to release a massive update for its flagship Free-to-play game, Dota 2. This is the fourth major update within six months. At this rate, Dota fans have nothing to offer but unabashed joy for Valve. The company has shown that they can communicate with their community, and continue to put out high quality content at a good rate even though the Dota team has shrunk in size last year.

Titled the New Bloom Festival, this update comes with a slew of new features and balance changes. Most important to the Dota community, is the addition of Terrorblade and Phoenix. Terrorblade is an older carry from the original Dota, and Phoenix is one of the newer heroes added. The update also comes with a new game mode, titled Ability Draft. In this mode, players pick their hero then select from a pool of abilities, leading to wacky combinations not normally seen in standard Dota. But wait, there’s more! New Bloom Festival also includes a new, Asian themed art for the map, and balance changes for a majority of the older heroes.

So far, Valve is showing no signs of stopping with Dota 2. And with The International 4 rapidly approaching, I’m sure the dedicated fan base will have much more to look forward to this year. Interested in playing the best competitive game ever? Go download Dota 2 on Steam. For free.


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