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You Can Finally Buy Nidhogg


You Can Finally Buy Nidhogg

I have been playing Nidhogg at conventions for what seems like years now. This game from messhof has been one of those things that you always had to stop off and play a few short rounds. Unfortunately, it was only in bloated convention halls that we could play around with the game. Well no more shall we be bound to play this sporadically. It has arrived on Steam.

For those that haven’t heard about Nidhogg, it is a jousting game. With those rules to define it, Nidhogg uses some great sprite work and strategy to enact duels with other players. I’ve included the trailer above for a bit of perspective, but it is really one of those games that sneaks up on you with how intricate it can be. Right now the game is on sale at 20% off on Steam until January 20th.

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