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First Look at Burial at Sea: Episode Two, Through Elizabeth’s Eyes


First Look at Burial at Sea: Episode Two, Through Elizabeth’s Eyes

In the first episode of BioShock: Infinite’s story-driven DLC, Burial at Sea, players got to return to Rapture, the setting of the first two BioShock games, as Infinite’s protagonist, Booker T. DeWitt. The DLC expanded on the game’s themes, and while Rapture has never looked better, mechanically speaking it felt like Infinite had just been transposed to the underwater setting. Even the “twist” at the end was a lot like Infinite’s big reveal.

Which is why, if you have yet to play the first episode of Burial at Sea, you should definitely not watch this sneak peek of episode two. Spoiler alert: doing so will ruin the end of Burial at Sea: Episode One. That’s because the 3-minute “exclusive preview” is almost certainly the opening cinematic of Burial at Sea: Episode Two, which seemingly picks up exactly where the first episode left off.

But for those of you who’ve already played Episode One, or who aren’t concerned with Burial at Sea getting spoiled, this preview gives us our very first glimpse through Elizabeth’s eyes. That is, after all, the big draw of Episode Two: this time, you get to play as Elizabeth.

Theoretically, this means you have Elizabeth’s ability to open “tears” in the space-time continuum. And although the preview didn’t show off any gameplay, I suspect Elizabeth will use stealth, in conjunction with her powers, to avoid detection, rather than running headlong into the fray, guns a-blazing, like Booker.

Since I’m worried about giving too much away as it is, I’m not going to analyze the sneak peek in depth. But I urge you to watch for yourself! It certainly raises a lot of interesting questions, especially about Booker’s role in the narrative, and Elizabeth’s part in Rapture’s decline.

Like Episode One, Burial at Sea: Episode Two will cost $15, and will be free to season pass holders. There is no release date as of yet, but according to the preview, it’s “coming soon.”

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