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Atlus’ Daylight Trailer Urges You to Not Turn Around


Atlus’ Daylight Trailer Urges You to Not Turn Around

The horror video game genre and I don’t have a very long track record together, because I’m a little bitch. From Atlus and Zombie Studios comes Daylight, which looks to be another interesting horror title to scare the pants or shorts or spanx off of you. I probably won’t be playing that either though. Still, it looks very good because of one core mechanic that sets it apart from the slew of first-person horror titles currently out on the market, such as Amnesia and Outlast: randomly generated levels.

Daylight may drop you in an abandoned hospital, which is fairly unoriginal, but it’s all in the execution when the maze is different every time. Yes, no door, hallway, clue, or whatever will be in the same place twice, making you a nervous wreck every step of the way, no matter how many times you retry a level. It’s sadistic, scary, and it sounds like a great time. Daylight will be released in the coming months with an Early 2014 release window for PC and PlayStation 4. Oh, and don’t look behind you.

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