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This Wispered World 2 Trailer is Gorgeous


This Wispered World 2 Trailer is Gorgeous

The original Whispered World was a gorgeously animated adventure. It had an amazing bit of layering and trickery applied to it that paired fantastic backgrounds with characters that walked around as if they were ripped straight from a cartoon. They then followed this up with a few more great looking titles, yet sequels are where developers really get to shine. Apparently the team at Daedelic refused to sit on their laurels with their first announcement trailer for Silence – The Whispered World 2. This is some quality animation and it is making me excited to see what they can do with a bigger project.

While there is no gameplay, or real sense of story, what we see here is a sad glimpse into the world they will be creating. Silence – the Whispered World 2 will be coming at some point in 2014.

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