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Wii U Overview Video Arrives a Year Too Late


Wii U Overview Video Arrives a Year Too Late

My initial reaction after watching this advert was: “Where was this when the Wii U came out?”

Unfortunately, that’s not the only issue I have with the ad. As stated above, the video simply arrives a year too late. So my second thought is: “What has the Wii U even been doing since it released?” All of the features and games promoted in the video seem as if they should have been available at launch. The only thing I keep thinking of from watching the video are all the features and games Nintendo promised and have yet to release.

Instead of creating any sort of desire to purchase the machine, the ad has the opposite effect for me. Instead of coming up with anything actually new they’re just going to state that this year old console is entirely new. That’s a great strategy right there.

You can check out the poorly feigned enthusiasm in the video above.

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