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Volgarr the Viking is 50% off on Steam right now!


Volgarr the Viking is 50% off on Steam right now!

As you may have read in our review, we’re fans of hardcore indie sidescroller Volgarr the Viking. It’s vicious, old school and perhaps more importantly stars a fucking viking. With a horned helmet and everything.

Not for the faint of heart, Volgarr will put your fingers through their paces with an bloody campaign that’s as challenging as one would hope from a studio that wants to bring back that coin-operated arcade feel. The odds will be stacked against you, you’ll die countless times, but you’ll keep wanting to come back – there’s something between the mystery of the hidden items and the rush of reward from beating a boss that just can’t keep us away from it.

Anyway, enough babble: Volgarr the Viking is 50% off on Steam for the next 48 hours, down to a much more palatable $5.99, or £4.99. Rise, warrior!

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