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‘Velocity Ultra’ Hits Steam on December 12th


‘Velocity Ultra’ Hits Steam on December 12th

If you want to see the intense colours and 60 fps shoot ’em up action of Velocity on an even bigger screen, soon you’ll be able to do just that – as Velocity Ultra makes the lightspeed jump from Vita to PC on the 12th of December. If you hadn’t played or seen the game before now, this is as good a chance as any, since the game’s critical acclaim has named it one of the best games yet released on the Vita. Controls will be fully customisable, and a separate leaderboard for PC players will be created.

At the moment, the prices are looking to be a neat £6.99 or $9.99. It might have just missed the Autumn Sale, but it’s still in time for Christmas, in case you needed a digital stocking stuffer for a special person.

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