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Valve Continues to Support Linux, Joins Linux Foundation


Valve Continues to Support Linux, Joins Linux Foundation

Valve has been showing the alternative OS, Linux, a lot of love recently.  Not only have many games available through Steam begun to offer Linux versions along side PC and Mac, but the recently unveiled Steam Machines were announced to run on a custom version of Linux as well.

Now, Valve has just announced that they’ve joined a coalition known as the Linux Foundation, a group dedicated towards encouraging the growth of the Linux platform.

Mike Sartain of Valve commented on the matter, saying “Through these efforts, we hope to contribute tools for developers building new experiences on Linux, compel hardware manufacturers to prioritize support for Linux, and ultimately deliver an elegant and open platform for Linux users.”

So now Valve is not only supporting Linux but trying to help it become a big player in the next generation of gaming and personal computers.  It will be certainly interesting to see what impact Valve makes on the platform as a whole.

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