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Sony Is Testing A Cloud Gaming Service Right Now


Sony Is Testing A Cloud Gaming Service Right Now

Thanks to an anonymous source, it appears we now have visual proof that Sony is testing their long awaited cloud gaming service with select persons today, under the rather clearly named “Cloud Gaming Test”.

Unknown at this time is any detailed information, but one can safely assume that this is connected to Sony’s much hyped Gaikai-powered streaming service, which was absent from the console’s launch but according to Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House, in an interview with The Guardian on Monday, is on track for a 2014 release and they are taking a “very gradual, step-by-step approach because, first and foremost, we want to ensure a good experience for customers.” Also mentioned are plans to bring the service to the PlayStation Vita.

A beta test for select gamers would certainly fit in line with a step-by-step approach, and one can imagine that new information from Sony cannot be far behind. You can see the image below.

Anon Image V3

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