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Rumor: GTA V PC Announcement Tomorrow?


Rumor: GTA V PC Announcement Tomorrow?

Are we getting GTA V PC news for Christmas? A new screenshot circulating the web seems to suggest just that. The screenshot captures a conversation between a German user and Amazon support. According to the support representative, GTA V will be reeleased on PC in North America on March 12 and in Europe on March 14th. The same rep states that the PC edition will be announced on December 24th. Check the screenshot below for the original German dialogue. Keep in mind, this is like the textbook definition of a sketchy rumor.


Translated:”Welcome to Amazon Chat. My name is Fatima […]. According to our information, GTA V PC will be announced on 12/24 and according to our source; it will be released in the USA on 03/12 and here on 03/14.”

[Source: Examiner]

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