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Pokemon X/Y 2DS Bundles Announced


Pokemon X/Y 2DS Bundles Announced

Nintendo has announced that their new handhend, the 2DS, will be sold in bundle fashion preloaded with Pokemon X or Y. With two games and two console options, this was a no-brainer that Nintendo still managed to bafflingly muddle up by sticking X, the blue-art game, into the red 2DS, and Y, featuring prominent red colors, into the blue 2DS.

Despite this strange inconsistency — maybe they’re hoping gamers will pick up the color-matched cartridge of the other Pokemon title — this is pretty cool, and would be on my radar for Christmas if I hadn’t already ordered a 2DS prior to the announcement.  Another interesting piece is that each bundle is exclusive to a retailer; the Pokemon X  2DS Bundle will hit shelves in Target stores and the Pokemon Y 2DS Bundle in Toys R Us, both starting Dec. 6th.

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