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Planning on Pirating Pixel Piracy? Developer Solidust Has Your Back


Planning on Pirating Pixel Piracy? Developer Solidust Has Your Back

Been eying up the 2-d roguelike title Pixel Piracy on Steam Greenlight or Desura, but not sure if you’re ready to drop $14.99 on it? Maybe you’re one of those who likes to give games a test run before committing to a purchase or maybe you’re just being responsible and know you can’t afford to buy games right now. That’s fine, we’ve all been there. For whatever reason, you may find yourself turning to piracy to get the title. Indie dev Solidust understands, which is why you can go to Pixel Piracy‘s website right now and torrent the game for free. They’re even seeding.

“We believe that anyone who wants to pirate our game will do so anyways, and feel it’s a much safer bet to offer those people the official link to our game in hopes that they keep their computer’s virus free.”

Rather than risk finding a sketchy torrent online, Solidust has a link to a direct torrent right on the homepage of their website. Below, they encourage anyone who downloads and enjoys Pixel Piracy to support the game. This could be as simple as voting for the game on Steam Greenlight or buying the $15 pre-order on Desura. As the developer notes, not everything is about money. Spread the word, share the torrent link, or send them a kind word on twitter; anything helps! Check out the game here and maybe give it a download.

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