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Is A New “Tales Of” Game Being Teased By Namco Bandai?


Is A New “Tales Of” Game Being Teased By Namco Bandai?

Are you a fan of Namco Bandi’s “Tales Of” series? Are you able to read Japanese? If you are, then you are in for a serious treat tonight.

Even though Tales Of Xillia 2 has yet to arrive here in North America following its release last year in Japan, another Tales game appears to be coming up on the horizon, if this all Japanese teaser site is to be believed. Namco Bandi trademarked the name Tales of Zestiria in North America recently, something they usually only reserve for games they actually make, so perhaps this is leading into an announcement confirming that title?

While this new Tales game will probably not reach our shores for a year or more if tradition keeps up, the eyes of JRPG fans should turned eastward for the next piece of information on the newest game in the series.

The countdown on the teaser site ends in 7 days. Stay tuned, Twinfiknights.


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