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New ‘The Evil Within’ Screenshots Splatter Online


New ‘The Evil Within’ Screenshots Splatter Online

Bethesda’s new horror in the works The Evil Within  is claiming to ‘bring back true horror’, and while I’m going to hold back my doubts until we see some gameplay, I’m also not jumping to the conclusion that they’ll nail it. The temptation of going down the highly profitable, Dead Space action-horror route must be strong, and right now we’re not seeing any conclusive to the contrary. The game certainly looks like it’s got a well-crafted environment in the asylum and is going heavy on the darkness, but do keep in mind we’re also seeing weaponry and a lot of gore shown off, too. We’ll see one way or the other when The Evil Within drops in 2014 for PC, Xbox One/360, and Playstation 3/4.

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