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Namco Bandai Teases Artwork for Upcoming Dark Souls II Comic


Namco Bandai Teases Artwork for Upcoming Dark Souls II Comic

Dark Souls fans who had already heard of the Dark Souls II comic that’s in the works will be pleased to know that a release date has been confirmed: January 8th for the first edition. Each episode will be revealed a week after the last, and by the looks of it, uploaded to the official Dark Souls Facebook page for anyone to read. Titled Into the Light, the comic’s story is being written by Rob Williams and Andi Ewington, with the artwork drawn by Simon Coleby. The shedding of new light into the mysterious world surrounding Lordran should be a fascinating thing to see indeed.

The press release also notes: ‘A well-known enemy from Dark Souls II unveils in today’s new teaser picture taken from the comic’. Referring to the black and white picture below, it’s likely that this is one of the dragons seen at the impressive rope bridge scene featured in early trailers, in a location that looked spookily like the Painted World of Ariamis. Take a look to see what you think. The Facebook page where these have been uploaded can be found here.

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