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Miiverse Now Available on 3DS


Miiverse Now Available on 3DS

As of today, a system update is available for Nintendo 3DS users that enables browsing and posting on the Miiverse. Additionally, users can now register for Nintendo Network IDs, or if they have a Wii U, they can use their existing ID and transfer their eShop balances and wish lists between their 3DS and Wii U.

With Miiverse support, 3DS users can share just about anything (tips, screenshots, etc.) with other users across the globe. Screenshots can be taken from either the top or bottom 3DS screen. While the Miiverse does require a broadband connection, offline users can make a queue of up to three posts that can be manually uploaded to the Miiverse when Internet connection is restored.

For more information about the latest 3DS system update, check out Nintendo’s site.

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