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Metal Gear Memories – Diary of a Genome Soldier


Metal Gear Memories – Diary of a Genome Soldier

Shortly after the events of Metal Gear Solid (1998), a sweep of the Shadow Moses site by the U.S. military revealed the following live journal featuring an account of events by one of the Genome Soldiers who occupied the facility. His/her identity and current whereabouts are unknown.

7:00 PM

Holy crap is it cold here! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though since it IS Alaska. Apparently, some special forces group called FOXHOUND is running some kind of counterterrorist training exercise. Well, it will certainly be interesting to watch some top-tier operators in action.

8:00 PM

Some dude in a gas mask was briefing the platoon, and I’ve got the worst headache now. He was flashing a strobe light and acting like he had telekinesis or something — hilarious. I half expected him to try pulling a quarter out of my ear. He was flanked by some seriously scary looking dudes, otherwise I think the whole place would have burst into laughter. Christ, what a bunch of freaks.

psycho mantis

FOXHOUND’s ‘psychic’. lol

10:22 PM

I was ordered to the second-floor basement of the Nuclear Weapon Storage Building to guard some scientist. Who designed this place? “Hey, let’s put the nuclear materials on the first floor so everybody has to walk past it to get to the offices downstairs. Sheesh.

So anyway, this scientist is a real piece of work. He seems like he’s pretty smart, but I caught him watching hentai anime at his computer. It looked like it was about some guy and his step-sister…Ugh, even the civilians here are creeps.

12:00 AM

I heard the government is sending in a specialist in the next couple of hours to sneak through and stop the launch. He’s clearly coming through the south entrance because that’s literally the only way in. I’m not saying put all your eggs in a basket, but why not have that big guy with the minigun down there or something?

One of us has an intelligent plan...

One of us has an intelligent plan…

12:30 AM

I was looking at the layout for this place and I had a great idea. Apparently the Metal Gear chamber can be accessed from a long, long hallway through the north entrance. I figure if we just create an opening for him there and lock down the south entrance, it will give him a direct line to activate the nuke and we can just take him out all at once.

Well, I took my plan to Liquid and explained it. He just spent the whole time with his hands behind his back looking out a window (and can I say that the whole trenchcoat with no shirt look is lame? We get it, you’re tough.). So anyway, I explained that we could cut out at least 4 hours (not included at least the same amount of time spent speechifying) from the timeline. On top of that, we could save at least a dozen lives of FOXHOUND specialists and soldiers, and let’s not forget about a perfectly functional Hind D helicopter.

5:00 AM

I ran into a female soldier on patrol. It’s weird; she was trying to pretend she was a dude or something. I explained to her that it’s not the ’50s and nobody cares if she’s a woman. Hell, the elite sniper on base is a woman and she’s pretty much got her boobs hanging out. Seriously, nobody cares here. Whatever. Anyway, she ran off to the bathroom suddenly so I hope I didn’t offend her too much.

10:00 AM

I heard that the keycard for activating Metal Gear has some kind of hot/cold mechanic. Hmm, that doesn’t sound too complicated, which brings me to my next question: Why are we getting an enemy to do this again? I told Ocelot, “You tortured the ArmsTech President and he told you that he gave it to that female soldier. Why are you not getting it from her? Hell, she was in custody just a few hours ago. WTF?” He fed me some line about how letting Snake do it was “part of a larger plan I couldn’t begin to understand.” Right, because what do I know? It’s not like I got my hand chopped off by some psycho in a ninja suit just because I was looking for a fight.

Liquid Snake. "Genius"

Liquid Snake. “Genius”

11:00 AM

I heard a rumor that has got me even more worried about running into this Snake person. I overheard some radio chatter saying he’s been infected with some kind of bio-weapon that’s designed to kill anyone he comes in contact with. I’m thinking this is another great reason to just open the North door and let him walk through unimpeded. I’m staying as far away from him as possible. Maybe I’ll just pretend I’m sleeping and he’ll walk on by. Apparently Liquid realizes this as well, yet insists on putting everybody in contact with him. What the hell is it with these people? Not only are they a bunch of drama club rejects, but they apparently don’t know how to plan the simplest mission.

If I make it out of this mess alive, I am totally putting in for a transfer. These morons clearly don’t have a plan and the leader is gambling with everyone’s lives here because of some kind of daddy issues/sibling rivalry thing. I’ll bet he pees the bed too. Weirdo.


The whole facility is wrecked, Metal Gear has been destroyed, and just about everybody is dead. I swear, I need to get back to civilian life because this is just too much. Oh well, at least escaping this ridiculous island shouldn’t be a problem; I secretly stashed a snowmobile just outside the front door.

Oh god DAMMIT!

Oh god DAMMIT!


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