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No Man’s Sky Steals The Show With World Premier At VGX


No Man’s Sky Steals The Show With World Premier At VGX

VGX, Spike’s replacement for their long running game awards show/possible glimpse into future post-apocalyptic society called the Spike VGAs, was a fascinatingly baffling flop that was weighed down by a lack of gravitas and the sheer power of Joel McHale’s ability to not give a fuck about video games. At no point, really, did the award show achieve anything beyond making a further mockery of Spike TV’s laughable attempts to appeal to gamers and mainstream audience, show that Geoff Keighley has the patience of a saint, and prove that we should really just broadcast and or televise the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences award show rather than keep dancing with wolves that are purely in it for the money.

But it was all worth it. Even if nothing else awesome had been announced, and there was some super cool stuff shown, it would all be worth it for the reveal of game called No Man’s Sky.

From the developers of the Joe Danger series, Hello Games, which is comprised of four people, a fact which will become relevant once you see this beautiful thing, No Man’s Sky is a procedurally generated space exploration sim for unknown, but assume PC/XOne/PS4 that we know very little about outside of its trailer.

And that is all I am going to tell you, because seriously, you just need to see the scope and majesty of this four artist beauty yourself, and see why the whole world’s eyes are now on Hello Games to deliver on one of the most promising announcements in recent video game history. The trailer for No Man’s Sky is above. (Updated with official upload from Hello Games’ Youtube, found here.)

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