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Mobile Game Maniac Manors Free on Friday the 13th


Mobile Game Maniac Manors Free on Friday the 13th

In general, I’m pretty wary about mobile games. I’ve found a few that are exceptionally good (Year Walk, Sword & Sworcery), but most (Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, etc.) don’t impress me much (cue the Shania Twain). That said, I’ll play anything that’s free, at least until I get bored of it.

This Friday, to celebrate it being Friday the 13th, Cezure Production’s mobile game Maniac Manors will be free to download and play on iOS and Android devices. While its title comes uncomfortably close to copyright infringement (may we never forget the classic NES game Maniac Mansion), this 3D point-and-click adventure game looks like it has some potential. You play as a man who is exploring a mansion he’s recently purchased at auction for an absurdly low price (hmm, I wonder why).

Based on the Cthulhu mythosManiac Mansors combines the standard elements of point-and-click adventure: exploration, interaction with the environment, and solving puzzles. Apparently, it also features a “mental health system,” which sounds a lot like the sanity effects in Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I’ve read that it was poorly translated (from Russian to English), which is evident in its subtitle, “Jacobson’s Unfaith.” But who knows, maybe this gives Maniac Manors a funny/campy vibe.

The real question is whether or not this Lovecraftian horror game, which is usually priced at $1.99, is scary. I guess I’ll find out, for free, on Friday.

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