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Jonesing For Indie – Voting for 2013 IndieDB Awards Begins


Jonesing For Indie – Voting for 2013 IndieDB Awards Begins

As 2013 winds down, a look back over the games we’ve played reveals that it’s been another banner year for smaller independent games which have provided a variety of interesting and exciting worlds for players to enjoy. While games like The Stanley Parable, Gone Home, and (my personal favorite) Surgeon Simulator 2013 aren’t generally the kinds of games that show up on mainstream awards events, there is a place where you can recognize your favorites.

Over at IndieDB, they have kicked off their 4th Annual Indie of the Year Awards, sponsored by indie platform Desura, where you can vote for as many games as you want as they cull their list down from 11,000 to 100 in just over a week. From there, the list shortens until a winner is announced. So hey, why not give some recognition for your favorite indie games of this past year. You can do it right here.

While we’re on the topic, what was the best indie game YOU played this year?

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