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Help Kickstart the Mega Man Board Game


Help Kickstart the Mega Man Board Game

Looks like Mega Man Soccer just might have a new contender for strangest Mega Man spin-off.  Jasco Games launched a Kickstarter campaign today for a brand new officially licensed Mega Man board game.  Players take command of Mega Man… er, Mega Men, as they work they take down Wily’s robot masters on an expandable board.

Rewards for helping to back the campaign to its $70,000 goal include additional pieces, robot masters, and even a collectible Proto Man piece to play with.

It seems a bit strange that a licensed game officially sanctioned by Capcom would have to turn to Kickstarter to find life, but so far, fans seem to be behind it having funded the project about halfway as of this writing.  If the purpose of crowdfunding was to make sure there was a dedicated audience first, it sure seems like Capcom and Jasco games have found it.

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