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Hacky New Year – Streamer Phantoml0rd Endures DDoS Hell


Hacky New Year – Streamer Phantoml0rd Endures DDoS Hell

Streaming over Twitch can be a fun way to engage with a community of fans and fellow video game enthusiasts. It  can also be the cause of a big old headache if somebody decides to paint a bullseye on you. Yesterday, a hacker group named DERP launched a DDoS attack aimed at Twitch streamer Phantoml0rd. Their strategy was to lock him out of pretty much any game he tried to play. This included League of Legends, Dota 2,, and Quake Live to name a few.

The hijinks didn’t end there either, as DERP posted personal information about Phantoml0rd which led to consequences ranging from juvenile (pizzas being delivered to his house) to genuinely scary (police being called to his house to investigate a ‘hostage situation’). In the end, he got it all sorted out and seems to be in good spirits according to his Twitter.

You can read the whole tawdry saga here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go change all of my passwords.

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