Connect with us now offers money-back guarantee for game purchases

PC now offers money-back guarantee for game purchases

In a stunning act of trust for the consumer, digital PC game store GOG (or Good Old Games) which has famed itself through offering completely DRM-free games is now offering 100% money-back guarantee if your purchase is faulty. Their support teams will still be on standby assist any customers with dysfunctional games, but if they are unable to solve your problem, you are entitled to a full refund.

Of course, since they do not use any DRM clients such as Steam, Uplay or Origin, they will have no way of deactivating the game you have downloaded, and will be working on the faith that your game truly doesn’t work. While it’s true that it might open the floodgates for scammers, it also exemplifies a commendable dedication to their customer base, and is also perhaps a reassurance that they believe their downloads will work perfectly.

An FAQ for the new policy can be found here.

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