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Get Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective for $1 on iOS


Get Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective for $1 on iOS

Guys. Guuuuuuuuys. Guysguysguys. Every so often an incredible sale comes to the world. Today, that sale goes to Capcom’s listing of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective on iOS devices for a dollar.

If you never played Ghost Trick on the Nintendo DS back when it was released in 2011 (critically acclaimed, might I add), now is the best chance you’ll probably ever get. For fans of Phoenix Wright, this game will strike right up your alley. In an insanely wacky, yet oddly serious, point&click puzzler murder mystery, you get to take control of a ghost as he tries to unravel the mysteries of the night he died.

Released in an episodic format for iOS, the first chapter is available for free for you to test it out, and you can purchase all the other chapters in-game for $0.99. If nothing else, it is definitely a perfectly fun game to play on-the-go as you go about your day, but I promise, you’ll probably end up sitting there just rushing through the game as new plot twists and occurrences shake your understanding of everything that is going on.

How long the sale will last is anybody’s guess, but really, the game is only a dollar. I’m not saying you need to get it but…you need to get it.

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