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Game Developer’s Choice Awards Nominations Now Open


Game Developer’s Choice Awards Nominations Now Open

In the wake of all this talk about the atrocity that was Spike’s “new and improved” VGX, I choose to remind you, as I do every year, that the best and “most dignified” gaming award ceremony that anyone should really be paying attention are Game Developer’s Choice Awards.  Every year, categories and winners make tons of sense and don’t feel like bizarre cash-ins or Doritio’s shout-outs.  It’s the people making the games who decide what’s worthy of praise.  And now, the nominations for the 2014 awards are now open through January 4th.

Game developers have an opportunity to now nominate any games of their choosing for a number of awards, which are listed below.  In addition, there are a few special awards in the form of the Pioneer Award, the Ambassador Award, and Lifetime Achievement Award.  The three honors are set to celebrate those who make astounding differences both within and outside of the industry.

Voting on nominees will begin on Februrary 19th of next year and will be open to the public.

The categories open for nominations are as follows:

(Regular Awards)
• Best Audio
• Best Debut Game
• Best Downloadable Game
• Best Handheld/Mobile Game
• Best Game Design
• Best Narrative
• Best Technology
• Best Visual Arts
• Innovation Award
• Game of the Year
• Audience Award (Voting to open on February 19, 2014)

(Special Awards)
• Lifetime Achievement
• Pioneer Award
• Ambassador Award

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