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EA Garners Perfect Score as LGBT Employer


EA Garners Perfect Score as LGBT Employer

So remember when a bunch of people got together last year and decided that EA was the worst company in America; worse than Bank of America, Wal Mart, etc.? Well, lo and behold it turns out that evaluating a company entirely based on whether it charges for on-disc DLC or has launch issues with its games might not be the greatest metric to use.

According to Human Rights Campaign, EA has received a perfect score for its corporate policy of being inclusive and welcoming to LGBT employees. Not only is it the only video game company to get this distinction, but this is actually the second year in a row that it has done so. So congratulations to EA, and let’s hope this policy of inclusion becomes more the norm in the video game industry where it is sorely needed. Naturally, this award does not erase the company’s issues with games such as The Sims and Battlefield 4, but one hopes that video game enthusiasts can look beyond this and focus on some of the more real problems within corporate culture.

You can learn more about Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index here.

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