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Dyscourse Kickstarter Counts Down to Final Days With Bonus Content


Dyscourse Kickstarter Counts Down to Final Days With Bonus Content

Stranded in a barren desert after a plane crash, a group of strangers must struggle to survive. This situation isn’t a new one, but Kickstarter hopeful Dyscourse is shining new light onto an otherwise well known theme. Most survival games get caught up on the where and the how, focusing on time and resource management as a survival element. Dyscourse aims to explore a largely neglected element of survival: the who.

The game puts you in the role of Rita, a young college graduate spending her post-secondary years serving coffee. Her skills as a barista may not equate to amazing desert survival skills, but together with a group of perfect strangers she’s hoping to make it out alive.

Much of who Rita is as a person is left to you as a player. Her interactions with the group, both in conversation and decision making, shape both her character and the overarching story. Dyscourse places a heavy focus on decisions, relationships, interactions, and the social situations brought up by forming a tight knit group in the middle of nowhere. The desert may kill you, but the real danger may be sitting across the campfire.


This human focus goes hand and hand with a expansive branching story. Each player has the potential to experience a vastly different story on each and every playthrough. Unlike other games that promise choice driven plots all to conclude in one slightly varied ending, Dyscourse is free to create a truly dynamic story with a multitude of possible endings. A focus on text based dialogue melds with a singular environment for what looks to be truly unique narrative experience.

Dyscourse is in the final days of its Kickstarter campaign and, at the time of writing, just $12,000 shy of its $40,000 goal. The Kickstarter page is home to a host of information about the game, including new bonus content only announced today. In addition to the media, information, and supporter rewards already featured on the page, would-be supporters can now find a new gameplay video, information on the Indie Plane Crash bonus story, interviews with team members, an announcement concerning feline island dwellers, information about a Steam release, and more.

I’ve never been this excited about a Kickstarter campaign. Dyscourse is everything I’ve ever wanted in a narrative experience, wrapped up in a stylistically beautiful art style. If you haven’t checked out Dyscourse yet, time is running out to do so. The Kickstarter ends at 11:00am EST on Friday December 6th. Check the page, tell your friends, support if you can. Time is running out to make sure this incredibly promising game has everything it needs to flourish.

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