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Depression Quest Asks for Steam Greenlight


Depression Quest Asks for Steam Greenlight

Depression Quest is kind of a game, kind of a social experiment in understanding what it’s like to live with depression. The game’s authors are looking for Greenlight on Steam, to make the game free-to-play there and help build awareness and understanding about this difficult issue. You can take a look at the game and vote for the greenlight here.

For me, giving this a “Yes” is a no-brainer. Depression is a widespread, serious, and often misunderstood problem that affects people that all of us know. Maybe you. Maybe me, even. And the only way it can get any better is if we, as a society, accept the onus to learn more about it and become aware of not only what it is, but what we – as individuals, as friends, as fellow gamers – can do to help each other out. By raising us to a new level of understanding, Depression Quest seeks to fill a gap that I feel is important, and stand fully behind.

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