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Dark Souls II Reveals New Covenants, Screenshots


Dark Souls II Reveals New Covenants, Screenshots

One of my favorite features of the first Dark Souls was the covenant system. It added both interesting gameplay additions, as well as narrative resonance (for instance finding out an enemy you killed was in the same covenant as you). I didn’t like how you could essentially join a covenant, gain its skills, then leave for another, but that’s for another time.

Well a handful of new screenshots from the upcoming Dark Souls II has revealed with them some new covenants. Some will sound familiar, some completely new, but so far I’m really excited for them (especially the Bell Keepers). The covenant of Blue Sentinels is probably the newest as they become guardians of other players online, getting summoned as blue phantoms in the worlds of invaded players. In a similar vein, the Way of the Blue covenant get summoned to defend other Way of the Blue covenant members. In some cases these can stack to summon a blue phantom from each covenant and have yourself a 3 vs. 1 fight against your invaders.

Additionally, the Brotherhood of Blood Covenant for you bloodthirsty invaders out there. However, instead of farming humanity, you’re hunting for the blood of your prey, which you can then sacrifice to the god of war, Nahr Alma (How badass is that?). I really like this development as it does much for world building and mythos.

Then there is the Heirs to the Sun Covenant which is almost identical to the Warriors of Sunlight Covenant, down to being summoned as a gold phantom.

Finally, there is the Bell Keepers which act like the Forest Hunter Covenant from the first game except you will be summoned to defend twin bells which are symbols for lovers who were unable to be together. How romantic.

So yeah, a handful of covenants from the upcoming sequel. Which will you join?

And check out the screenshots below~

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[Source: Siliconera: An Introduction To The Covenants In Dark Souls II]

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