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CATDAMNIT: Director’s Cat Looks for Greenlight Help


CATDAMNIT: Director’s Cat Looks for Greenlight Help

Fir&Flams, an indie dev duo from Poland and creators of browser game CATDAMNIT have taken to Steam Greenlight for their new-and-improved CATDAMNIT: Director’s Cat. This is easily the best-looking game about a chainsaw-wielding cat rampaging across a range of locations that I’ve ever laid eyes on – and it looks like an absolute blast to play.

Fir&Flams are seeking some looks and votes over on their Greenlight Page. There’s plenty of information about the game, as well, along with an all-new trailer showcasing the milkoholic mongrel’s maniacal march of mayhem and madness. I’ve already given it my vote — and you should, too!

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