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Brand new updates and DLC for both Company of Heroes games


Brand new updates and DLC for both Company of Heroes games

Developer Relic Entertainment and publisher Sega are making sure to take good care of their golden goose: critically acclaimed WWII strategy series Company of Heroes. In most cases, the sad truth would be that only the latest in the series would be supported into the future, but today Relic are rolling out some updates for both games, as well as a paid add-on for the second title.

Players still enjoying the first game in the series (like myself) will be receiving a free functionality update which hopes to better accommodate the game to Steam; this includes secure leaderboards and server connectability fixes. Many 7 year-old games would have been left to die a long time ago, so fortunately CoH1 fans won’t be left out in the cold here.

Meanwhile, Company of Heroes 2 will be getting two free new maps, ‘Don River’ and ‘Hill 331’, integration with Steam Workshop for user-created maps from the World Builder, and a $5 premium pack named ‘Southern Fronts’. Here’s Sega’s description of the pack:

“During the Spring Rasputitsa in early 1943, the Red Army launched a series of counteroffensives against German lines in the southwest. While initially successful, the Germans regrouped and managed to regain the momentum to recapture Kharkov. Take command of both factions in a series of 10 challenges and battles that feature new environmental conditions; thick mud that impacts vehicle movement and exposes new vulnerabilities.”

All of the content above is live today, so get stuck in.

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